Sustainable, respectful with the environment and with the skin. No chemicals and minimizing waste.


Each person involved in this project has decent working conditions in a healthy and motivating work environment.


Garments consistent with your values ​​to be lived and enjoyed.

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Our business vision is not limited to the economic field.
For us, each company is one more agent of society, represents it and feeds on it, that is why we have a social responsibility with the environment.

We carry out a complete traceability of the process to be able to guarantee that each and every one of the phases is respectful with the environment and with people.

We only use GOTS certified raw materials, which meet strict environmental and social criteria, because in addition to guaranteeing good quality of the fabric and the use of non-toxic and harmless chemicals, it assures us that the people who have worked to make it possible have done so in a fair conditions.

You can read more about organic cotton on our blog: ->Why organic cotton?

To reduce the waste we generate, we avoid all kinds of unnecessary packaging, we use compostable envelopes in our shipments.

The most sustainable packaging is the one that does not exist.

All our production is vegan, we do not use any product of animal origin.

We are part of Fur Free Retailer, a platform that guarantees that the brands that are part of it do not useanimal skins in any case.

All the clothes are of our own design and we make them by hand in an artisan way in our own workshop in Valencia, with all our love. Nothing makes us more excited than thinking about the stories that our garments will live.

Precisely that love leads us to think of a way that our garments are not discarded. If, for example, one of your Costureo garments has been broken, send us an email to: semeharoto@costureo.es, we will see what we can do, either by repairing it ourselves, recommending a repair service near your home or looking for a solution so that you can continue enjoying your garment. We want our clothes to be enjoyed a thousand and one times.

We believe in a free fashion, without obstacles to encourage independence. As each mini is different, we approach diversity to provide our garments with the necessary particularity, responding to the needs of each one. If you think that some touch on the garment will make your mini’s life, enjoyment and autonomy easier, perhaps a cut, a velcro, a zipper… why don’t we talk?
Contact us at toto@costureo.es, tell us what you need so that your mini can feel comfortable with our clothes, we can add side velcro to the pants if he uses a wheelchair or make a shirt that opens completely if you put it on the head is a nuisance.
At no extra cost and although the order is slower, this service will make your mini a little happier.

All our production is made in Valencia without exception.

We are part of AMSE (Association of Sustainable Fashion of Spain) because we believe in the synergy of sharing and collaborating with other brands and people committed to another model of fashion, a model based on the quality of work and products.

As we believe that our responsibility goes beyond the local level, we collaborate with the NGO Educo in its Ella Scholarship program, which covers school fees for girls between the ages of 12 and 17 who want to continue studying but have no financial means.
Education is the most important tool to fight against discrimination suffered by women around the world and it changes lives.

We invite you to collaborate with Educo in any of its projects.

We are aware of the objectives of sustainable development and we work every day to be able to contribute our grain of sand so that there is a real change in our planet.